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Posted by: v3_exceed - 07-17-2018, 11:02 AM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - No Replies

Although people long ago began to wonder whether the "canals" on Mars
were the creation of cosmic engineers, for some odd reason it has not
occurred to look with the same eyes upon the peculiarities of the lunar
landscape much closer at hand. And all the arguments about the
possibilities of intelligent life existing on other celestial bodies
have been confined to the idea that other civilisations must necessarily
live on the surface of a planet, and that the interior as a habitat is
out of the question.
Abandoning the traditional paths of "common sense", we have plunged into
what may at first sight seem to be unbridled and irresponsible fantasy.
But the more minutely we go into all the information gathered by man about
the Moon, the more we are convinced that there is not a single fact to
rule out our supposition. Not only that, but many things so far considered
to be lunar enigmas are explainable in the light of this new hypothesis.
The origin of the Moon is one of the most complicated problems of cosmogony.
So far there have been basically three hypotheses under discussion.
HYPOTHESIS I. The Moon was once a part of the Earth and broke away from it.
This has now been refuted by the evidence.
HYPOTHESIS II. The Moon was formed independently from the same cloud of
dust and gas as the Earth, and immediately became the Earth's natural
But then why is there such a big difference between the specific gravity of
the Moon (3.33 grammes per cubic centimetre) and that of the Earth
(5.5 gr.)? Furthermore, according to the latest information (analysis of
samples brought back by the U.S. Apollo astronauts) lunar rock is not of the
same composition as the Earth's.
HYPOTHESIS III. The Moon came into being separately, and, moreover, far
from the Earth (perhaps even outside the Solar system).
This would mean that the moon would not have to be fashioned from the same
"clay" as our own planet. Sailing through the Universe, the Moon came into
Earth's proximity, and by a complex interplay of forces of gravity was
brought within a geocentric orbit, very close to circular. But a catch of
this kind is virtually impossible.
In fact, scientists studying the origin of the Universe today have no
acceptable theory to explain how the Earth-Moon system came into being.
OUR HYPOTHESIS: The Moon is an artificial Earth satellite put into orbit
around the Earth by some intelligent beings unknown to ourselves.
We refuse to engage in speculation about who exactly staged this unique
experiment, which only a highly developed civilisation was capable of.
If you are going to launch an artificial sputnik, then it is advisable to
make it hollow. At the same time it would be naive to imagine that anyone
capable of such a tremendous space project would be satisfied simply with
some kind of giant empty trunk hurled into a near-Earth trajectory.
It is more likely that what we have here is a very ancient spaceship, the
interior of which was filled with fuel for the engines, materials and
appliances for repair work, navigation, instruments, observation equipment
and all manner of machinery... in other words, everything necessary to
enable this "caravelle of the Universe" to serve as a kind of Noah's Ark
of intelligence, perhaps even as the home of a whole civilisation envisaging
a prolonged (thousands of millions of years) existence and long wanderings
through space (thousands of millions of miles).
Naturally, the hull of such a spaceship must be super-tough in order to stand
up to the blows of meteorites and sharp fluctuations between extreme heat and
extreme cold. Probably the shell is a double-layered affair--the basis a
dense armouring of about 20 miles in thickness, and outside it some kind of
more loosely packed covering (a thinner layer--averaging about three miles).
In certain areas--where the lunar "seas" and "craters" are, the upper layer
is quite thin, in some cases, non-existent.
Since the Moon's diameter is 2,162 miles, then looked at from our point of
view it is a thin-walled sphere. And, understandably, not an empty one.
There could be all kinds of materials and equipment on its inner surface.
But the greatest proportion of the lunar mass is concentrated in the central
part of the sphere, in its core, which has a diameter of 2,062 miles.
Thus the distance between the kernel and the shell of this nut is in the
region of 30 miles. This space was doubtless filled with gases required for
breathing, and for technological and other purposes.
With such an internal structure the Moon could have an average specific
gravity if 3.3 grammes per cubic centimetre, which differs considerably from
that of Earth (5.5 grammes per cubic centimetre).
The most numerous and interesting of the formations on the lunar surface are
the craters. In diameter they vary considerably. Some are less that a yard
across, while others are more than 120 miles (the biggest has a diameter of
148 miles). How does the Moon come to be so pockmarked?
There are two hypothesis--volcanic and meteoric. Most scientists vote for
the latter.
Kirill Stanyukovich, a Soviet physicist, has written a whole series of works
since 1937 in which he expounds the idea that the craters are the result of
bombardment of the Moon for millions of years. And he really means
bombardment, for even the smallest celestial body, when it is involved in one
of those fastest head-on collisions so common in the cosmos behaves itself
like a warhead charged with dynamite, or even an atomic warhead at times.
Instant combustion takes place on impact, turning it into a dense cloud of
incandescent gas, into plasma, and there is a very definite explosion.
According to Professor Stanykovich, a "missile" of a sizable character (say 6
miles in diameter) must, on collision with the Moon, penetrate to a depth
equal to 4 or 5 times its own diameter (24-30 miles).
The surprising thing is that however big the meteorites may have been which
have fallen on the Moon (some have been more than 60 miles in diameter), and
however fast they must have been travelling (in some cases the combined speed
was as much as 38 miles per second), the craters they have left behind are
for some odd reason all about the same depth, 1.2-2 miles, although they vary
tremendously in diameter.
Take that 148-mile diameter crater. In area it outdoes Hiroshima hundreds of
times over. What a powerful explosion it must have been to send millions of
tons of lunar rock fountaining over tens of miles! On the face of it, one
would expect to find a very deep crater here, but nothing of the sort: there
is three miles at the most between top and bottom levels, and one third of
that is accounted for by the wall of rock thrown up around the crater like
a toothed crown.
For such a big hole, it is too shallow. Furthermore, the bottom of the crater
is convex, following the curve of the lunar surface. If you were to stand in
the middle of the crater you would not even be able to see the soaring edge--
it would be beyond the horizon. A hollow that is more like a hill is a
rather strange affair, perhaps.
Not really, if one assumes that when the meteorite strikes the outer covering
of the moon, this plays the role of a buffer and the foreign body finds
itself up against an impenetrable spherical barrier. Only slightly denting
the 20-mile layer of armour plating, the explosion flings bits of its
"coating" far and wide.
Bearing in mind that the Moon's defence coating is, according to our
calculations, 2.5 miles thick, one sees that this is approximately the
maximum depth of the craters.
Now let us consider the chemical peculiarities of the lunar rock. Upon
analysis, American scientists have found chromium, titanium and zirconium in
it. These are all metals with refractory, mechanically strong and
anti-corrosive properties. A combination of them all would have envitable
resistance to heat and the ability to stand up to means of aggression, and
could be used on Earth for linings for electrical furnaces.
If a material had to be devised to protect a giant artificial satellite from
the unfavourable effects of temperature, from cosmic radiation and meteorite
bombardment, the experts would probably have hit on precisely these metals. In
that case it is not clear why lunar rock is such an extraordinarily poor heat
conductor--a factor which so amazed the astronauts? Wasn't that what the
designers of the super-sputnik of the Earth were after?
From the engineers point of view, this spaceship of ages long past which we
call the Moon is superbly constructed. There may be a good reason for its
extreme longevity. It is even possible that it predates our own planet. At
any rate, some pieces of lunar rock have proved older than the oldest on
Earth, although it is true, this applies to the age of the materials and not
of the structure for which they were used. And from the number of craters on
its surface, the Moon itself is no chicken.
It is, of course, difficult to say when it began to shine in the sky above
the Earth, but on the basis of some preliminary estimates one might hazard a
guess that it was around two thousand million years ago.
We do not, of course, imagine that the moon is still inhabited, and probably
many of its automatic devices have stopped working, too. The stabilisers
have ceased functioning and the poles have shifted. Even though the moon
keeps that same side turned towards us, for some time it has been unsteady on
its own axis, on occasion showing us part of its reverse side which were
once invisible to observers on the Earth--for example, the Selenites
themselves if they made expeditions here.
Time has taken its toll. Both body and rigging have disintegrated to some
extent; some seams on the inner shell evidently diverged. We assume that
the long (up to 940 miles) chains of small craters formerly ascribed to
volcanic activity were brought about by eruptions of gas through cracks
appearing in the armour plating as a result of accidents.
No doubt one of the most splendid features of the lunarscape--a straight
"wall" nearly 500 yards high and over 60 miles long--formed as a result of
one of the armour plates bending under the impact of celestial torpedoes and
raising one of its straight, even edges.
The Moon's population presumeably took the necessary steps to remedy the
effects of meteorite bombardment, for example, patching up rents in the
outer shield covering the inner shell. For such purposes a substance from
the lunar core was probably used, a kind a cement being made from it. After
processing this would be piped to the surface sites where it was required.
Not long ago astronomers discovered variations in the gravitational fields
near the large "seas". We believe the reason to be this: the Moon's dry seas
are in fact areas from which the protective coating was torn from the armour
cladding. To make good the damage to these vast tracts, the installation
producing the repair substance would have had to be brought immediately
beneath the site so that it could flood the area with is "cement". The
resulting flat stretches are what look like seas to the terrestrial observer.
The stocks of materials and machinery for doing this are no doubt still where
they were, and are sufficiently massive to give rise to these gravitational
What is the Moon today? Is it a colossal necropolis, a "city of the dead,"
where some form of life became extinct? Is it a kind cosmic Flying Dutchman?
A craft abandoned by its crew and controlled automatically? We do not know
and we shall not try to guess.
We have put forward in this article only a few of the reasons--unfortunately
the evidence is so far only circumstantial--for our hypothesis, which at
first glance may appear to be crazy.
A similar "crazy" idea was put forward in 1959 by Professor Iosif Shklovsky,
an eminent scientist, in relation to the "moons" circling around Mars.
After carefully weighing up the evidence he concludes that they are both
hollow and therefore artificial satellites.
We feel that the questions we have raised in connection with our Moon provide
sufficient food for serious thought on the matter; the result may be the
illumination of our many lunar riddles.
Now, of course, we have to wait for direct evidence to support our idea. Or
refute it.
Probably there will not be long to wait.

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  America is NOT a Nation of Immigrants or a Melting Pot
Posted by: Cracker Jack - 06-30-2018, 09:13 PM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - Replies (1)

We are a nation founded by white European descent with a certain set of morals and ethics, those of which are not shared by the non-white people.

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  Why Steam doesnt always suck.
Posted by: v3_exceed - 06-20-2018, 05:13 PM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - No Replies

Steam is a game publisher/content delivery network. They publish games like Halflife (Valve).
Back in the long ago I was a member of Steam. I have a steam ID, and I had Steam games. This fathers day my 32 year old son bought me a copy of Fallout 4.

Now to get this game I have to install steam. No problem I did that. Then they ask me to login. But I can't login because I forgot my username. So I go the recovery process to get my username. I enter in my email address, confirm my email address with the little code..... then wait.

Hours later the support people email me and say they cannot help me if I don't provide them with a cd key for the game i used to create the account... In 2004.

Like i even remember the game i might have used in 2004 to create the account much less even have a cd for it. So I search around the old software library and in 2004 we were big on lan parties. People would come over and we would play for hours.. So at the time we had setup a very popular counter strike server. In that server was my steam ID.

So I sent this to the support people...and they close my support request.

At that point..I decided to keep at it, not that i'm one to give up easily... soooooo
This time I started of with my Steam ID, username and confirmed email address (that i've had for 20 years)

And in just a few minutes..I got a response sending me my user/pass .i'm still in shock.. I think the fellow actually went above and beyond to help me.... so where I was going to post how much they suck... they were actually helpful

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  Сумки на колесах оптом
Posted by: DanielEndup - 06-20-2018, 01:15 AM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - No Replies

Fucking spammer

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Exclamation Recent updates
Posted by: v3_exceed - 06-15-2018, 12:56 PM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - Replies (12)


Sorry for any posts that got deleted.. the stupid forum software was showing errors where it shouldn't and the help community was saying it was my host. Since I am the host, I said they were full of shit..

I got the thing back up and running, added a couple smilies found on the internet at an undisclosed location if you find some you'd like to use..let me know and I'll add them..


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  This Week on the Alt Right Tommy Robinson Imprisoned
Posted by: Cracker Jack - 06-12-2018, 02:37 PM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - Replies (3)

No free speech for Islam or Leftists. I guess I'm not aligned with Mark on this. - How has allowing the subversion of the west by these foreign and non-western ideas or destructive ideologies, how has that helped White people? Unrestricted Free Speech is not a moral good. If these colored ingrates from foreign lands want free speech for themselves then they shouldn't live in white nations. They wouldn't allow us to have such.

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  Got Chrome? Google Just Silently Downloaded This Onto Your Computer
Posted by: v3_exceed - 06-12-2018, 11:17 AM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - Replies (3)

[Image: 64d44b2543bb24bda6fe7f7f53e62ee3.gif]
By Alec Cope

We Are Change
“Don’t Be Evil” – Google

On June 17th, Google did not announce (the news broke) that the DARPA affiliated corporation has been silently downloading audio listeners onto every computer that has Chrome.

This effectively means that Google sees your privacy as piddly-squat, which does not necessarily come off as a surprise, when one considers Google’s censorship of We Are Change – this very organization as nothing. The website Private Internet Access‘s Rick Falkvinge reported how he came to understand this new policy:

“It looked like just another bug report. “When I start Chromium, it downloads something.” Followed by strange status information that notably included the lines “Microphone: Yes” and “Audio Capture Allowed: Yes”.
Without consent, Google’s code had downloaded a black box of code that – according to itself – had turned on the microphone and was actively listening to your room.”

Without going into detail, Falkvinge describes the nature of open-sourced/free-software and how it relies on transparency and the innovation of many software programmers before being finished as a final product. The transparency allows the user to know that the open-sourced software truly does what it claims to do. Chromium, the open-source version of Google Chrome is supposed to operate the same way. Only Google abused the nature of open-sourced transparency, and by-passed the process that would have prevented this from happening.

Google rationalized that enabling the ability to be eavesdropped via your personal computer was well worth it, because now “Ok, Google” works! Now when you say certain words, Chrome begins searching preliminaries – is it truly worth losing the stability of your privacy though? Obviously, it is Google’s servers that respond to what is being said along with your computer. So a computer black-box was installed, hooked onto a private corporation’s server and now has the ability to eavesdrop on you and Google had no intention to let anyone know about it!

Eventually Google did respond to the accusation, in which Falkvinge “paraphrased”:
“1) Yes, we’re downloading and installing a wiretapping black-box to your computer. But we’re not actually activating it. We did take advantage of our position as trusted upstream to stealth-insert code into open-source software that installed this black box onto millions of computers, but we would never abuse the same trust in the same way to insert code that activates the eavesdropping-blackbox we already downloaded and installed onto your computer without your consent or knowledge. You can look at the code as it looks right now to see that the code doesn’t do this right now.

2) Yes, Chromium is bypassing the entire source code auditing process by downloading a pre-built black box onto people’s computers. But that’s not something we care about, really. We’re concerned with building Google Chrome, the product from Google. As part of that, we provide the source code for others to package if they like. Anybody who uses our code for their own purpose takes responsibility for it. When this happens in a Debian installation, it is not Google Chrome’s behavior, this is Debian Chromium’s behavior. It’s Debian’s responsibility entirely.

3) Yes, we deliberately hid this listening module from the users, but that’s because we consider this behavior to be part of the basic Google Chrome experience. We don’t want to show all modules that we install ourselves.”

The writer describes that “software switches” are no longer enough to protect against this type of eavesdropping, software switches are programs that turn off your webcam/mic etc,. Really, the author feels a physical switch that cuts electrical connection to the device is required to prevent this. It is an odd thing to observe for me, because many people were furious when news of the NSA’s technological trawler of private information became common knowledge. When Google silently attempts to install even more passage ways for your intimate information to be siphoned, not much is said about it.

In fact many have begun the repetitive nature of apathetic perception, one example being “It only eavesdrops when you say, “OK, Google” (Wouldn’t it need to listen to everything to know when you say, “OK, Google”?) and it goes on and on. Ultimately, there will always be a large portion of users who simply do not care whether or not a shadowy corporation is listening to them, or a maniacal government for that matter.

Yet in principle, the fact Google did this with the intention of users having no clue that they have had their privacy sliced even deeper; simply demonstrates the corporation’s lack of compassion and boundaries. However you choose to handle this story, deleting Chrome in exchange for more private-oriented software programs, not doing anything or learning more about it; one thing is clear: we also have a responsibility to ensure this type of usurpation is not treated with an accepting embrace. More people learn what is happening by the day, it is only a matter of time before there is a tipping point – I hope to see you there. Thanks for reading.

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  10 Reasons Why “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Was Assassinated
Posted by: v3_exceed - 06-12-2018, 10:51 AM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - No Replies

[Image: 0099467d0d2447d46ca05279a87f43b8.jpg]

SWITZERLAND, Zurich The simple and honest question posed in the latest Truther.org article entitled “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Assassinated by Obama Drone Strike?” has sparked an international outrage over the inexplicable and suspicious death of one Paul Walker. Regardless of how Walker was killed, the facts surrounding his death do not add up on any level and deserve further investigation, at the very least. Although cliché, the cover-up is always worse than the crime.
[Image: e13af913e41a604a2480117b46a360c5.jpg]
If Walker was in fact killed by an autonomous drone strike, it would behoove U.S. authorities to see to make sure the truth does not come out under any circumstance. In the aftermath of state-sponsored black operations such as assassinations and terror attacks, intelligence agencies routinely disseminate fraudulent dis-information through various media outlets such as CNN and TMZ in order spin stories and create confusion. The tragic death of Walker is no different.
By engaging in critical thinking and employing deductive logic, a more clear and concise picture of how Walker died and who is responsible will hopefully emerge. By examining the following evidence (or lack thereof), the world will be able to decide for themselves who and what to believe. After all, the goal of any real journalist or Fast and Furious fan should be to find out what really happened—something I’m quite sure Paul Walker would have wanted.

On a side note, I spoke to one of my clients who has run a race track for the past 20 years. This is a NASCAR rated track that has seen it's fair share of accidents over the past couple of decades.  I showed her the picture below and explained the car, and the circumstances of the crash. She politely said, there is no way that this car was a single car crash into the power pole/tree/ whatever.

It is also interesting to note that the leaves above the burned out car are still green...

[Image: f647a0df8e4903af7e6c26ca2ed1e51e.jpg]

1. The 5 Trees
Exactly what Walker’s car hit first and in what order depends on which report you believe. According to a November 30, 2013, report by CBS Los Angeles, Walker’s car “
crashed into a tree and then a light pole before bursting into flames”. This report by CBS was later contradicted by Jim Torp, and apparent intelligence operative, who stated in a December 2, 2013, report that “Roger lost control of the control. They didn’t spin or anything. They went into a tree. They hit four trees and took a big light pole down. The light pole came down and the car bounced off of it. And then they crashed into a tree, that’s what eventually stopped the car”. In a pathetic attempt to explain away the massive damage to Walker’s car, it has now been alleged to have hit a total of 5 trees and 1 light pole, yet the hood of the car is remains mysteriously unscathed. Considering that the car was allegedly traveling at a high-rate of speed when it crashed, it can be ascertained that the car would have suffered the most damage to its front end which took the brunt of the impact, which it clearly does not. Rather, the vehicle is cut in half starting from behind the driver’s side. There is a huge round-like crater in the middle of the car which can only be explained by a high-impact missile strike (see photo above).
[Image: 17c765bd2b73c472d8a0f0298303198a.jpg]

2. The Mysterious Light Pole
Knowing that the public would not buy the notion that a small tree could literally blow up a sports car, Walker’s car is alleged to have also hit a light pole. According to a December 1, 2013, report by the Huffington Post, “the Porsche [Walker] was riding in smashed into a light pole and tree” and that “the downed light pole had a speed limit sign of 45 mph”. Although the order of the objects hit by Walker’s car clearly don’t match, Jim Torp, and apparent intelligence operative, stated in a December 2, 2013, report that “They hit four trees and took a big light pole down. The light pole came down and the car bounced off of it”. In the event that Torp was actually telling the truth, the videos and photos of the crash scene would show the downed light pole, which they clearly do not. There is no pole in sight and not one witness at the crash scene made reference to one laying in the street or on the side of the road. However, a day or two after the accident, a pole with the 45mph still attached was sign was conveniently laid in the exact same spot where the vigil for Walker has been erected (see photo). A downed light pole would have likely caused a local blackout or at least an electrical emergency due to its exposed wires, yet the electrical company has not arrived on scene to fix the pole. Interestingly, the alleged crash pole exhibits an octagon-like shape and is clearly made out of cement while all of the other standing light poles are metal, white in color and circular in shape.

3. The Huge Explosion
In the event that Walker’s car was in fact struck with a drone missile, a tremendous explosion would have occurred. Coincidentally, on December 2, 2013, TMZ reported that the crash that killed Paul Walker resulted in a “
huge explosion and fireball that could be seen for miles” and that the blast sent a “fireball high into the sky”. The explosion depicted by TMZ does not sound at all like something ever witnessed in the suburban streets of America but rather like something witnessed in Iraq of Afghanistan. In a December 1, 2013 report by the Huffington Post, Jim Torp, an apparent intelligence operative, stated that he heard the loud sound of a car’s engine revving and then an explosion, ultimately insinuating that something fishy occurred just prior to the explosion. To add even more confusion and disinformation to the equation, Torp told CNN that he heard a blast in the distance before the car slammed into a light pole. “What the first explosion was, I don’t know if their tire blew up, because it sounded like a tire blew on the car”. Regardless, if Torp’s disinformation campaign, there was a major explosion which is indicative of a drone strike.
As previously reported, Walker’s car has all the earmarks of a drone strike. Considering that the red hood of Walker’s car remained intact after allegedly striking not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 trees, as well as a sidewalk and concrete light pole, it can be deduced that the black crater at the center of Walker’s car was the result of a high-impact missile strike. The notion that Walker’s car suffered a drone strike is corroborated by the fact the 605 horsepower engine found within the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is located at the center of the vehicle, precisely where it suffered the most damage. When analyzing the list of active missiles used by U.S. military drones, the most likely culprit in the missile strike on Walker’s car is a version of the AGM-114 Hellfire missile which employs an infrared homing guidance system. Known as “heat-seekers”, Hellfire missiles are specifically designed to target the hottest part of its respective target (i.e., the engine of the car) which is exactly where Walker’s Porsche suffered the most damage. As evidenced by the photos of Walker’s car, the high impact missile strike opened the Carrera GT like it was a can of tuna, starting from just behind the driver’s seat. In what appears to be inside joke of sorts in respect to the missile which directly struck Walker’s engine, a reported was published on December 18, 2013, which stated that “Paul’s Porsche had mechanical problems at the time of the crash”, a report which later turned out to be fraudulent in nature.

4. The Skid Marks
In the event that Walker’s car was actually speeding, it is highly likely that the brakes would be applied at some point during the accident. On December 2, 2013, the New York Post reported that the “lack of skid marks until just before the point of impact suggests the driver didn’t have control of the speeding car’s steering”. The steering and brake components of a car are completely unrelated and therefore even if someone lost control of the steering, the breaks would still work. According to a CNN report dated December 3, 2013, there were “Tire skid marks on the asphalt near the crash site, which indicate a car was doing doughnut spins, also are being looked at”, concluding that “it has not been concluded that they are related to the Walker wreck”. In the initial moments of a who arrived at the crash scene shortly after the accident, , only one of which resemble “doughnut spins”. Although two sets appear unrelated to the crash, one skid mark leads directly to the accident. In a CNN interview, Jim Torp, likely an intelligence operative, stated that he “looked closely at the skid marks and concluded they were left by a car with smaller tires”. By reversing Thorps disinformation statement, it can be deduced that at least one of the skid marks likely belongs to Walker’s car. Whether or not the force of an alleged high-impact missile strike could cause the skid marks is not known, but the fact that mainstream reports are discounting the skid marks suggests that they do matter.

[Image: 9d356479b6946ac6bfdf9643c4cd0281.jpg]
5. The Crash Video
In an apparent move to dispel the rumors that Walker was assassinated by a drone strike, TMZ released a video report on December 3, 2013, entitled “Paul Walker Crash—The Moment of Impact & Massive Inferno”. Just like the headline, the video fails to show the reported “explosion” or any sound of an explosion whatsoever. As evidenced in the silent surveillance video, the smoke from Walker’s crash scene goes from barely there to all over, instantaneously. The unnatural manner of the smoke dispersion indicates that there is likely a video edit, cut or splice at 00:18-00:19 seconds in the TMZ video or . Also, the video starts off with white smoke (indicative of burning trees and leaves) and is followed by black smoke (indicative of burining gas, oil and rubber). Obvioulsy, the car was on fire prior to the trees which also suggests that the video has been tampered with. Although an independent investigation must be conducted prior to reaching any concrete conclusions, it does appears that the massive explosion was premeditatedly cut out of the video completely. After all, if an explosion was depicted in the video, the camera would likely shaken severely. Also, the fireball from the explosion would then have been able to be compared forensically with that of a missile explosion, something those responsible cannot let happen. If Walker’s car had exploded naturally, due to gasoline combustion, one would expect a relatively minor NASCAR-type crash explosion, but definitely not something that would blow the car in two pieces.  

6. The Speeding Hoax
In order to convince the public that Walker’s death was an “accident”, the notion that speeding was involved had to become part of the official narrative. Less than 24 hours after the crash, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated that “speed was a factor” in Walker’s death. The report went on to state that “investigators are working to determine how fast the car was traveling and what caused it to go out of control”, further insinuating that speed was the predominant factor in the crash. When conclusive statements are made by officials within 24 hours of a supposedly random accident, the likelihood of foul play increases exponentially simply due to the fact that there has not been enough time to complete a real and thorough investigation. Witnesses have not been interviewed, video has not retrieved and tests have not been conducted, yet authorities are disseminating what can only be construed as speculation? This behavior suggests that there is an agenda, albeit covert, to lead the public in a certain direction—way from foul play. The fraudulent notion that Walker was speeding at the time of his death was reiterated on December 2, 2013, when TMZ released an article entitled “Paul Walker — I Once Hit 185 MPH… On The Freeway!”. Predictably, the report went on to state that law enforcement believes speed was a factor in the crash. One look at the December 3, 2013, video released by TMZ and it’s self-evident that any high-rate of speed on that road at that time would have been impossible simply due to the sheer amount of cars sharing the road with Walker.

7. The Street Racing Hoax
In order to further sell the notion that Walker was speeding, a fraudulent rumor was disseminated which insinuated that the deadly crash was the result of an illegal street race often witnessed in the “Fast and the Furious movies”. The rumor was first identified on December 2, 2013, when TMZ reported that police were investigating the possibility that Paul Walker was in the middle of a high-speed street race with another car at the time of his death. According to the report, law enforcement told TMZ that “investigators have received tips that Walker and the man driving the Porsche, Roger Rodas, had been racing prior to the crash” and that “cops are on the hunt for video and witnesses that could prove another car was involved”. The article concluded by stating that “the area where the crash occurred has a history of being a popular street racing location”, further insinuating that Walker was street racing. According to a December 3, 2013, CNN article, Hercules Street, the road on which Walker died, “has a reputation for fast drivers”, which spurred a crackdown by deputies two years ago. While completely untrue and unsubstantiated, the street racing rumors were released in a coordinated effort by TMZ and law enforcement to corroborate the narrative that Walker was speeding at the time of his death.
8. The Second Vehicle Hoax
In order to further sell the notion that Walker was possibly involved in a street race when he crashed,  CNN published a report on December 3, 2013, entitled “
Paul Walker death investigation: Police rule out second vehicle, focus on speed”. According to the report, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman stated that investigators have been “unable to find evidence of a second car in the accident that killed Walker”. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Cohen reportedly told CNN that authorities received a tip on Sunday, December 1, 2013, suggesting that another car was at the scene racing the Porsche when it slammed into a light pole and burst into flames. The report concluded that investigators have since ruled out the presence of a second vehicle and the theory that the Porsche was drag racing. Regardless of the retraction, the idea that there may or may not have been a second vehicle was disseminated as part of a coordinated intelligence operation to corroborate the narrative that Walker was speeding at the time of his death.
9. The Mechanical Failure Hoax
In another brazen attempt to steer the public away from the notion of foul play, on December 2, 2013, a New York Post report entitled “Mechanical Failure Behind Paul Walker Crash: Report” revealed that, “The trouble-prone Porsche that “Fast & Furious” star Paul Walker was riding in when he died in a crash suffered a mechanical failure that was likely caused by a power steering fluid leak”. According to the report, sources told TMZ that they saw “evidence of a fluid burst and subsequent fluid trail before the skid marks at the accident scene.” The report went on to state that the “lack of skid marks until just before the point of impact suggests the driver didn’t have control of the speeding car’s steering”. The unnamed witness then reportedly saw Rodas prior to the crash “trying to help employees figure out what was wrong with a red Porsche Carrera GT that kept stalling”. The lack of source and witness names suggests that this information was disseminated in order muddy the waters in respect to the Walker crash and steer the public away from the notion that Walker may have been assassinated.
Operation Fast & Furious
Everybody wants to know why the Obama administration would want to assassinate Paul Walker. While I can only theorize, it’s possible that Walker was assassinated in order to highlight Operation Fast and Furious just prior to an unprecedented gun-related massacre in the United States stemming from one or more of the 2,000 assault rifles sold by the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) to Mexican drug cartels. Since Walker’s death, the words “Fast and Furious” have been in the news non-stop and have been subconsciously programming the public in a psychological manner for an impending state-sponsored terror attack that will likely be connected to Operation Fast and Furious. In the aftermath of said terror attack, Obama would likely attempt to ban and confiscate guns in America which would be unfair (since he supplied the guns) and highly anti-American. Suffice to say, the incident would inevitably lead to a second American civil-war over the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.
About the Author
David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of Truther.org. Taylor currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland where he has applied for political asylum after the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Taylor has also authored The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the 2013 global bio-terror pandemic. Aside from state-sponsored terror whistleblowing, Taylor was the first to report on Alex Jones’ links to STRATFOR.

10 Reasons Why �Fast & Furious� Star Paul Walker Was Assassinated .pdf • 438.7 KB
Due to the constant scrubbing on the internet by people in an attempt to hide these and other facts, I have archived this story here with full credit to the auther.
[Image: 30fdaf07557525a9011301b75e0cc0cf.jpg]
[Image: beb3900cd522886241e03dacd971032e.jpg]
[Image: 67e289440435463b3c6831d55a574421.jpg]
[Image: 34a00591444a4c9360beccd72147572d.jpg]
[Image: a5ffef683d624e6c2f8988c7a705a243.jpg]
[Image: d126071c0c06ad973081518e45d7cdb6.jpg]
[Image: 46a8ce37d42b15306b92ef808d1e5aee.jpg]
[Image: b413dc303ff7166590e59c045bb9d4a3.jpg]
[Image: d4c1ce1faacded59ac9f8b06c4de1cfd.jpg]
[Image: 73e5aaba2894a5dd7fd67c46bf79935d.jpg]
[Image: ecfa691b26716dc6e09732049023b1e1.jpg]
This is a car after a missle strike.. Notice the tires are not melted.
Palestinians gather around the wreckage of a car targeted in an airstrike in Gaza City, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011. Two suspected Islamic militants were killed in an Israeli missile strike on their vehicle near a crowded public park in Gaza City on Thursday, a Palestinian health official said. Israel's military had no immediate comment. AP/PTI

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Posted by: v3_exceed - 06-12-2018, 10:45 AM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - Replies (2)

This is a true story of a UFO contact from a planet called IARGA - by the alien astronauts visiting our Earth. They say that their Sun is about 10 light years as we count time from us, and that they have been observing us for some time.....

Well worth the time to read.

POWERPOINT ON THE CASE (and here norwegian ppoint) | czech translation (mirror)
interview with this contactperson from ca 1968?- translated to engl.subtitles on youtube Translation of Denaerde interview (or txt )part 1 on youtube | part2
Pictures made by div.artists - in center on how Stefan first saw them on their waterfloating ship, and right an idea of "them" - home on Iarga
From: http://www.galactic-server.net/rune/iarga.html
This is a true story of a UFO contact from a planet called IARGA - by the alien astronauts visiting our Earth. They say that their Sun is about 10 light years as we count time from us, and that they have been observing us for some time.....
This story was first published in Dutch by Ankh-Hermes of Deventer, Netherlands in 1969 and has gone through 11 Editions and 40,000 hardbound copies in Dutch since then. It has been published as science fiction up to now because the publisher originally felt that this story would not sell as fact. Nevertheless it is a true account of real events and we are publishing it as such, here, for the first time, together with the very extensive follow-on data as the contacts continued right up to the present time. We have investigated this case extensively over the past 4 years and conclude that the facts do in reality verify and support the story. The witness is a very well educated and highly articulate master mechanical engineer and an architectural artist as well, a rare combination ideally suited for this contact if the alien visitors wanted their information to be understood and presented with any degree of accuracy.

The witness is also a well known multinational industrialist in Europe whose real name would be immediately recognized. He is the owner of several companies doing international business. To preserve his identity in order to protect his private life, we are using a pseudonym given him by the extraterrestrials themselves. They referred to him as "Stef van den Earde" (Stef of the Earth) from which Stefan Denaerde was derived. When I first met this man I was surprised by his size. He is a big man, about 6'4" tall and weighing perhaps 220 to 230 pounds.
He dresses conservatively in expensive business suits and is very courteous and polite. He is mild mannered and introspective by nature, and speaks with almost perfect economy of words. He says what he means and means what he says. In discussions he is not given to elaboration and volunteers little information by himself He answers questions forthrightly, directly and honestly, and looks one right in the eye as he speaks. He is not known to tell fictitious stories, but is considered to be a model of truthfulness and integrity.
He lives in an upper class quiet neighborhood in a professional suburb of Den Hague. His home, on a beautiful treelined street, looks to have a $150,000 to $200,000 value, and is well maintained and beautifully landscaped. It faces a park reserve across the street from him. The neighborhood looks scrubbed dean. This man was not a UFO buff and has no collection of UFO books and journals. He does not lecture or talk on his experience publicity or privately. He does not write articles on it or give interviews. He did not believe in the phenomena and had gone to no pains to evaluate if before his own contact. He still does not believe in UFOs as such.

His experience was real AND WAS IDENTIFIED. In the long course of contact discussions, he learned a great deal about our real history, where we have been and where we are going, and how we fit into this great universe. He found that our written histories are not very accurate because of our constant revisions by different regimes. He was shown a future course of events in store for Us if we do not change our ways, and was then shown how fixed we are in our course and the improbability that we will change in time. He is saddened and discouraged by our lack of real progress, and feels that revelation of this information is a needless and ineffective burden for a self-destructive humanity. He does not see Us changing in time! The first book, "Buitenaardse Beschaving", printed in Dutch, is an account of the contact experience up to the departure of the spacecraft the following day. The contacts continued, however, and a vast amount of technical information was communicated to the witness over the next several months and even years.

The Iargans compared their society and their philosophies to ours, and described advanced technologies, man's place in the greater universe, and what is in store for all of Us in the future. These communications continued and ultimately developed into a sort of mechanical transmission from a technical device aboard the spacecraft to the mind of the witness, something like the way it was done during his visit aboard the spacecraft in the Oostscheld, except that now the pictures were transmitted to his mind instead of viewing them on a screen. Unknown to the witness however, and this will be news to him when he sees it in print for the first time, communications experts working with NATO in defense systems had picked up a strange incoming RF (radio frequency) electronic signal in the vicinity of a high security NATO defense installation in the Netherlands, and became very disturbed about the nature and purpose of this transmission. It was in an unusual bandwidth and had a strange character. It also was only detectable within a limited area in Den Hague (The Hague near where the sensitive installation is located. NATO Intelligence, believing this may be an attempt to interfere with the defense installation and its equipment, moved hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of highly sophisticated detection equipment into the area to try to find out what was happening.

It seems that this strange signal would begin about 4:00 PM and continue for an hour or more several days each week. Now, before this information came to light, my interviews with the witness had shown that his contacts were coming in several days each week on a more or less regular basis. The witness's habit was to come home from his office about 3:00 PM daily, read his personal mail and relax in his living room for a while. Often, when he was contacted, the "telepathic" transmission would begin about 4:00 PM, and would continue for an hour or more. This strange coincidence became of paramount importance when I learned that the search for the strongest signal was taking them only a few blocks from this man's home where he was receiving the contacts!

I don't know whether they have identified the source of the transmissions yet or not, and I don't know yet if there was any other transmission that may have occupied this time period by pure coincidence. In either case I am sure that I would not be advised because intelligence information usually goes only one direction. A point of particular interest in this case is the fact that this witness was told by the Iargan visitors themselves, that their group had contacted four other Earth humans in a similar manner, and had imparted similar information to each of them, and that once one of them got into print and became known, the others would make an attempt to contact him. This will certainly be a curious validation if any one of these others do in fact turn up. These contacts are still continuing on a lesser schedule and an unbelievable amount of information has been imparted to this man. !

(As the text is scanned here - there may be some wordmistakes.The book is long ago out of print. The pictures can be some enlarged by clicking on them. Some words are translated into scandinavian in () ).

This book is the account of a meeting with the crew of a spacecraft from a distant solar system in our milky-way. There are many who claim to have spoken with alien beings, often resulting in strange or garbled stories, so many in fact that their credibility has decreased to almost zero. After my own experience, I think that I understand the cause of the problem. The honesty of these people is beyond reproach, but their ability as observers may leave much to be desired. These experiences take place in the zones between our normal, material method of communication, and the immaterial method that we usually describe as thought transference or telepathy. With this, the conditioning of the observer determines the quality of the reception. For example, subjects which do not affect him personally will, within his abilities, be received with the greatest clarity; whereas anything that touches him emotionally will be strongly biased or not received at all. Due to this, even a sworn statement from a completely trustworthy observer is useless, because no guarantee can be given that he knows what really confronts him.

I realize that it must seem strange for me to warn the reader of the risks involved with this type of observer when I fall into the same category, but this is because I do not want to be just believed, partly because I know why a certain group of people refuse to believe. When you have read this book, it will be dear what I mean by this. The only means of checking the credibility of the observer is logic. Due to her cosmic isolation, humanity is ignorant in certain fields, and someone who really has communicated with a super-civilization that has evolved above the material state (the minimum demand for interstellar travel), and understood them, must have access to information that is new, logical, and that can be checked in order to be convincing. As I have said, I do not seek belief, I ask my readers to be critical, but to bear in mind that the subject is so complex that it would be unreasonable to expect my story to be faultless. The content of this book is divided into two parts; the first is a description of the planet Iarga and her inhabitants and, as such, meets the demand for an identification procedure which is a mandatory introduction to all exchanges between intelligent races. The identity of a race is determined by its planet and its history, and these must be explained.

The aim of the first part is therefore purely the identification of this alien race and is not an attempt to create some kind of picture of earthly ideals, something that we should try to emulate. Iarga is different in every way. The planet and her inhabitants have a different mentality and character, and therefore a different cycle of evolution. One difference is that Iarga is almost completely covered with water. The available area of land is. spread over numerous islands with a total surface area not much larger than Australia, and according to our standards, is much too small to feed and accommodate the billions of beings needed to reach the goal of their creation. The extreme efficiency of their planning and food production methods would be pointless on Earth, and their population density forces them to a kind of over-socialized community. Only beings that posses the ability to continually improve their mentality and eliminate all aggression, have a chance of reaching perfection on such planets. We do not have this ability, the reincarnation-selection of Iarga does not exist on Earth. Here, the weeds grow up with the corn until the harvest.

Despite the vast differences, a remarkable likeness can be detected in some things; so much so that these beings can be regarded as humans that have physically adapted to life on an alien world. Their intellectual, emotional, and creative capabilities are the same as ours, and if we had been placed in the same situation, we would have become roughly the same. When the second part of this book has been read, this will no longer cause any surprise; it will have become dear that these beings are not only our cosmic brothers and sisters, but that there also exists our ego-counterpart with which we will one day be united. With the introduction complete, the real work can begin. The reason for their visit is so strange that preliminary explanation is necessary. The human race lives in complete isolation from the other intelligent races for as long as the so-called "transformation phase" continues. The plan of creation demands that we, like all others, complete the transformation phase in ignorance of our origin and our purpose. Through this we, create our individual identity and, at the same time, have the opportunity to develop our godlike talents by exploiting our creative powers and defining them, thereby earning our immortality. The number of talent fractions is not infinite, so the time must come that the numbers of man are fulfilled. When this happens, the transformation phase will be terminated by certain external encroachments that will subjugate the will and sovereignty of the human race. The plan of creation forbids interference in the development of an ignorant race, thus the necessity for the planting of knowledge here on Earth. This knowledge appears to be comprehensive. To begin, the complete scientifically verifiable story of the creation, from the creation of time, matter, and energy from nothing; to the goal of the creation of the universe: the cosmic integration of all the intelligent races in one all-encompassing consciousness that is beyond our understanding. In this we are given a glimpse of the wonderful future that awaits Us. Beside this, a great deal of information regarding ourselves, our origin, our development, the present transformation process, the spiritual development after death, our creation mandate, and our future is given.

The first point is the most important, only when we under-stand the creation process, and in particular the development process of man, can we understand and accept the reason for the external interference that will take place in the near future. Without this knowledge the interference would be useless and therefore undesirable. Lastly, their information includes a general description of other intelligent races and their different evolution cycles, which will enable Us to approach a determination of our unique position in the midst of an incredible number of intelligent races. The fundamental reason for this book is the abolition of Earth's isolation and the announcement of the fulfilling of the numbers of man. Our first mandate was carried out in ignorance, the second will be carried out in full consciousness. The only question that remains is to what extent does this book reach its goal of removing the Earth's cosmic isolation. The question is all the more impelling when it is said that I had to give my word never to attempt to prove the existence of Iarga, because this would damage the individual freedom of mankind. I have fought with this problem for many years, until at last the problem solved itself. Even though I shall continue to avoid giving a direct answer to the question of the veracity of this story, the immensity of Earth-alien knowledge contained in this book will serve to prove beyond a doubt that the planet Iarga is not fiction, but fact.

Stefan Denaerde and W. Stevens:
 Identification
 CHAPTER 1 Confrontation 11
 CHAPTER 2 Aboard the Alien Spacecraft 24
 CHAPTER 3 Planet Iarga 53
 CHAPTER 4 Iargan Society 88
 CHAPTER 5 Iargan Spacecraft 100

 apendix: understanding time
 other cosmic races
 you can click the pictures and they then open in new window
PART 1: Identification
This part includes the initial contact with the extraterrestrial visitors and the nearly 8 hours of events and discussions that took place aboard the alien spacecraft as the witness was shown and experienced scenes and conditions in the life of the Iargans, both on their home planet and in their spacecraft.

Iarga; I can talk about it now, the fascinating dusky green planet with its somber pink sky is no dream but-just a moment. I must first sort out the mass of information gamed during my astounding experiences and relate it logically and coherently.
I need to do this for myself as well. Any explanation of my chaotic memories may help me to become my old self gain. It is difficult for me to remember the man I used to be. How I felt that beautiful summer evening on board my yacht that drifted like a huge white swan on the windless waters of the Oosterscheld (An art of the sea in the southwestern delta of the Netherlands.)
"Hey, Dad, do you know that the compass is broken?"
I took no notice; it was probably just one of my son's childish jokes. I sat stretched out in a deck chair, contentedly sipping my coffee and surveying the distant coast of Schouwen-Duive-land (An island in the delta.) where we planned to arrive before dark.
On the small strip of land above the horizon, I could see the light that marked the harbor entrance at Burgsluis. "Honest, Dad, it's broken. Come and look," persisted my son. Still disbelieving, I forced myself to stand up and walked over' to where my wife, son and small daughters were standing looking at the compass as though they had never seen it before in their lives. Something was definitely wrong. The map was hanging at a crazy angle, but worse still, the north indicator was pointing in the direction of the Zeeland bridge, to the east! I looked accusingly at the discoverer of the trouble. It wasn't out of the question that my young son was playing a joke on his father with a magnet. I was disappointed to find that this was not the case and so I started a serious investigation. In the meantime, Miriam did the dishes and put the children to bed. By the time I decided to return to Burgsluis on the motor, it was getting quite dark, and the fact that I had been unable to find the cause of the trouble irritated me immensely. Miriam was right in saying that I should not let a compass spoil such a beautiful day, but I could not rest until I knew what was wrong. Ah well, I could do that in the harbor.

I pushed the tjalk (an old-world, flat-bottomed sailing ship) at full power through the darkness of the Oosterscheldt. There was the light buoy. I read the number automatically and turned sharply to port. In the distance lay the next buoy, marking the channel to Burgsluis. About six miles and we would be home. But things didn't go quite the way I had planned. Something unbelievable happened.
Suddenly, out of the darkness, a strong, blue-white searchlight shone in my eyes from a point directly in front of the bow, and at the same time I heard a high-pitched whining noise above the noise of my motor. My heart pounded. It came so unexpectedly, that it must have been several seconds before I acted. Reverse, full power! Damn, it was too late! With a frightening noise the tjalk came to a standstill against something solid, but what? Who on earth would be in the middle of the channel without lights? With shaking hands I stopped the motor and in the sudden stillness saw the startled face of Miriam appear in the cabin doorway.

"Is anyone there?" I yelled over the water. In answer the light went out, but no reply. Miriam came on deck and behind her stood the children, wide eyed with fear. "Look... there... that flat thing in the water." It looked like the hull of an overturned ship or pontoon, but we were at least thirty feet away and couldn’t possibly have hit it, whatever it was. "Is anyone there?" I called a second time. The searchlight flashed on again; the strangely small beam of light swept over the water and cast a cold glare on the side of the tjalk. I caught my breath. Floating on the incoming tide was a body, face down, apparently dead. The actions that followed were carried out at nerve-racking speed. There was only one thought in my mind: to do something quickly, before the body drifted away into the darkness.
how they stood on the ship floating when he first saw them- picture of jim nichols pictures not from book  Instinctively, I carried out the motions that I had so often gone over in my mind in the event of one of the children falling overboard. Seconds later, I jumped overboard with the line from the lifeboat in my hand. But what now? I was standing in less than three feet of water, and my knees and ankles hurt from landing on something as hard as steel. In my confusion, I saw the line from the dinghy drifting away. I stood up and dived to catch the rope, and, swimming with the small boat behind me, managed to grab the body. It wouldn't move. How would I get such a
weight into the boat? First, tie the rope around him, climb into the boat myself and pull his head above the water; yes, that was it. Just then an alarm signal began to sound somewhere in the back of my mind. What kind of a man was this? He was wearing a kind of metallic suit and around his head was a rubbery ball which reflected the blue light so strongly that I was unable to see his face. I began to think about astronauts, but how on earth did he come to be in the Oosterscheldt? I started the outboard motor and began slowly back toward the tjalk, but what now? What should I do with this strange burden beside me? Why had I gone to all this trouble? My indecision grew by the minute.

The blue light made it plain that I must carry on. It was kept in my direction by someone who followed the rescue closely from beginning to end, but what did they want? In terrible confusion, I came at last alongside the tjalk, tied up the dinghy and stopped the outboard. In the silence, I heard the voices of Miriam and my eldest daughter. Thank goodness everything was all right there. Then my peace of mind received its death blow. There was suddenly a sea of light, a great diffused light under the surface of the water. A sound made me turn toward the strange object in the water and I saw a dark shape wading quickly toward me. It was a perfect copy of the being I had fished out of the water, with the same shiny metallic suit and a transparent ball around its head. Step by step, it came closer, and I instinctively grabbed the boat hook to defend myself. He held out an arm in a friendly gesture and turned his face toward me. I sprang back as though bitten by a snake; a wild fear cut off my breath. It was a nightmare. A terrible, indescribable feeling took hold of me. The being in front of me was not human! An animallike face, with large square pupils in the eyes, eyes which were both hypnotic and self-assured. It struck me like a thunderbolt. Here I stood, facing an alien being from a race more intelligent than my own! But why was I still so afraid? I cannot explain. If it had been a gorilla, for example, then I would have quickly sprung on board my ship and put up a fight with the boat hook to prevent the animal from coming on' board. There would have been no time for the fear that came from the feeling of helplessness in recognition of his superiority.

The fear grew into panic, a panic which told me to get away from there as quickly as possible, before it was too late! I sprang overboard again and raced through the shallow water toward the ship as though the Devil were at my heels. Panting, I pulled myself on board and started the motor. Reverse full power. I wanted to get away from there as quickly as possible. The ship didn't move an inch. Over the bow I saw the being pull the dinghy onto the dark platform, lift the body in his arms and walk away with robotlike steps. It suddenly went dark and they were gone. With a feeling of apprehension, I stopped the motor. The situation on board was surprisingly peaceful, for they had no idea of the real drama. There was a feeling of satisfaction over father's ability as a lifesaver. My eldest daughter had developed the theory that we had rammed a submarine, which was not so unlikely, considering we were dose to a naval training area. Only Miriam realized that something was wrong. She looked at me as though I were a stranger and her uneasiness grew by the minute. She had never seen me like this before. She poured me a whisky and sent the children to bed with the excuse that we had something to talk over. The alcohol did me good, but now it seemed that I had another problem: Miriam didn't believe me! "This trip is too much for you, Stef. There are no men from Mars in the Oosterscheldt." She kept talking, perhaps to try and talk some courage into both of us. I couldn't just stay inside; I had to see what was happening outside.

With a flashlight in one hand and a boat hook in the other, I stood on deck and let the beam of light play over the platform. It lay just above the surface of the water, a sinister4ooking dark-gray thing. Its diameter was about the same as the length of our ship, certainly fifty feet. It was resting on a ledge, which reflected the light so strongly that it looked like glass. In the middle was a pillar, slightly twisted, about six feet wide and eight feet high. The total size of the thing surprised me. I knew what was under the water. I could walk at least the length of a swimming pool without falling off the edge. Could this be one of the much talked-about flying saucers? Were they really so huge and could they also operate under water? I turned the flashlight out and began systematically probing around the ship with the boat hook. In front, by the bow, about two feet, and aft, about four feet. It was strange that each time I had to use force to pull the boat hook off the bottom, as though someone were holding it.

Suddenly I remembered the strange trouble with the compass-magnetism! We had collided with a huge, magnetic monster! We were imprisoned, stuck fast on a huge magnet. In the grip of strange, unearthly beings. The only possibility of escape was the plastic dinghy. In case of emergency there was room for all of us. The dinghy still lay in the same place on the platform, and in the peaceful stillness of this complete isolation a daring plan was born in me. After all, the dinghy was only about thirty feet away from me. For the third time that evening I jumped into the water, waded as quickly as I could to the boat and pulled it free. Within half a minute I was back on board with the dinghy alongside. So, that was that! I began to regain some of my self-confidence. But my uncertainty came flooding back as I heard a scraping, hissing sound. I grabbed the searchlight and shone the beam on the platform. On the edge, a sort of lid hinged open slowly and steadily. Out of the hole crawled two figures, dressed in the now familiar space suits, who pulled out some objects after them which were joined together by cables or wires. Their movements reminded me of the old-time silent films, fast and jerky. What were they doing now?
They stood on the platform and, with one hand against their ball-shaped helmets at about the height where their foreheads would be, made slow, respectful bowing movements in my direction. I understood. What a relief. It was a greeting, a friendly, respectful greeting. With quick, short paces they walked to the edge of the platform, where the bowing was repeated and emphasized, and then they stood like statues in the light of my flashlight. A strange and dramatic scene; on the Oosterscheldt a man is confronted with an alien intelligence. But the man was poorly prepared for the meeting; he was nothing more than a sailor in difficulty who could feel his legs trembling in his wet clothes. The two figures in front of me were about five feet tall and from a distance looked deceptively human-arms, head and legs, all in their proper places-but their legs were shorter than ours so that their arms reached down to their knees. Their metallic costumes were smooth and seamless. Only by the shoulders and elbows were folds to be seen. The short, heavy legs ended in broad feet that also stuck out behind, and the front part of their footwear was split in the middle. The hands were covered by supple, ribbed gloves; these were different from ours too in that not only the thumb but also the second finger was enclosed. They were heavy, clawlike hands.
A broad, gold-colored belt around each of their middles, sewn with motifs and tools, was particularly noticeable, one piece of which was dearly a hammer with a sharp striking edge. And on their right side was something that vaguely resembled a pistol. A kind of drum, wound with thin glistening thread, rested on the middle of their stomachs. The remainder of their equipment was unknown to me. I gamed the impression of immense physical strength, not only from their long, heavy arms and enormous shoulders, but also from their quick movements. The round ornaments around their heads were less transparent than I had originally thought. When the beam from my flashlight fell on them, they changed into glistening Christmas-tree balls, and only with more indirect light was it possible to vaguely make out their heads.

The silent confrontation was suddenly broken by a bud voice. "Do you understand English?" I nearly jumped out of my skin. Owing to my surprise that they could speak English, I didn't realize that they had asked me a question. The voice was totally devoid of any questioning tone. It sounded more like a statement.
"Do you understand English?" The same statement floated over the water.
"Yes, I do." "We want to thank you for the rescue of our crew member."
....... of course. Who are you?"
"We come from another solar system."
"My God," I called back. The situation was so strange that at that moment I couldn't think of anything else to say. There followed a short silence and I wondered about that strange accent which, in fact, wasn't English at all. To my ears it sounded more like Dutch, my own language. I could understand it perfectly, but I couldn't repeat a single word of what they actually said. The voice came again, and over the still dark water an unbelievable conversation began. "Is your ship damaged?"
"No, I don't think so." "Will you turn the light out?"
"All right."
"Thanks. Does the ship belong to you?"

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  The Cloud: Trojan Horse For Internet Takeover
Posted by: v3_exceed - 06-12-2018, 10:38 AM - Forum: Conspiracy Forums - No Replies

Despite the corporate-driven hubbub surrounding the inevitability of “the cloud” replacing personal hard drives as the pre-eminent storage center for all web content, this system represents another dangerous trojan horse for the establishment to complete their agenda to regulate and shut down the free Internet.

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Despite the corporate-driven hubbub surrounding the inevitability of “the cloud” replacing personal hard drives as the pre-eminent storage center for all web content, this system represents another dangerous trojan horse for the establishment to complete their agenda to regulate and shut down the free Internet.

Apple, Google and Amazon amongst other tech giants have all jumped on board with “the cloud,” a remote server network that allows users to store their data without using hard drives.

“It’s all part of a generational trend away from owning physical media content and towards renting media content from the computing universal cloud,” reports Investmentu.com.

However, despite the convenience of having all your files easily accessible in one place wherever you go, the drawbacks are ominous.

The Cloud is basically a You Tube for everything, and the problem with this is that You Tube routinely blocks, censors and deletes content when ordered to by governments. As we reported back in May, You Tube is now following orders from governments to remove videos that show protests, demonstrations and other sensitive information the state doesn’t want others to see.

Indeed, Amazon’s Cloud network notoriously deleted the entire Wikileaks website from its servers following a phone call made by Senator Joe Lieberman’s Senate Homeland Security Committee demanding the website be axed.

Lieberman has been at the forefront of a push to purge the Internet of all dissent by empowering Obama with a figurative Internet kill switch that he would use to shut down parts of the Internet or terminate websites under the guise of national security. Lieberman spilled the beans on the true reason for the move during a CNN interview when he stated “Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too.”

The cloud is therefore the perfect compliment to cybersecurity. The goal is to force everyone to use one of the cloud networks run by a major corporation, first by taxing, regulating, and making the normal Internet prohibitively expensive, and eventually by shutting it down all together. Once the vast majority of data is confined to the cloud network, harsher copyright, free speech and defamation laws will slowly be tightened, which will force the alternative media out of business.

When you agree to have your content hosted on the cloud, you are virtually handing it over to a large corporation which then through “terms of use” has the power to access or delete your information.

For example, Amazon’s Cloud Locker’s “binding agreement” with users mandates that Amazon can exercise, “the right to access, retain, use and disclose your account information and Your Files”.

Handing your data over to the cloud also makes it that bit easier for the government to obtain your private information.

“It’s not like putting your data in a desk drawer,” Chris Calabrese of the American Civil Liberties Union told the Washington Post. “Although the government needs a judge’s order to seize a hard drive, a subpoena is often enough authority to obtain cloud data.”

Security is also virtually non-existent on Amazon’s cloud. Amazon writes that “We do not guarantee that Your Files will not be subject to misappropriation, loss or damage and we will not be liable if they are. You’re responsible for maintaining appropriate security, protection and backup of Your Files.”

So if a hacker or Amazon itself deletes your files – tough luck – there’s no recourse.

Technology buffs have also predicted problems for people who later decide to switch between clouds, say moving from Apple to Google.

“Providers of cloud services like Apple, Google and Facebook will have strong profit incentives to hold on to their users to maximize revenue,” writes Tony D’Altorio. “They’ll do their best to limit consumers’ freedom to roam freely from cloud to cloud.”

“So consumers may get stuck in Apple’s iCloud and not be able to get out without a hassle. Mark Little, an analyst at Ovum, remarked, “Switching costs [from cloud to cloud] is likely to be one of the biggest parts of the cloud story.”

The cloud is nothing more than a trojan horse to eviscerate the free Internet. It’s an effort to assimilate the alternative media into a borg hive before destroying it from within. It’s one component of Internet 2 and the move towards a world wide web that resembles something more like cable TV than what we know as the Internet today, a system where a small number of giant corporations will work with governments to decide what can and cannot be published.

The cloud will kill the free Internet unless we get the message out that it is a tool perfectly honed for shutting down free speech on the world wide web.

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