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Germany Excerpt from another site...
The fight against Nazism was a pretext retrospectively applied to what essentially began as an economic war. It was just one of several factors which necessitated another war against Germany. Add to this the Nazi German government was funding its rearmament by printing interest free Mefo bills.

It has always seemed suspect to me that both the major conflicts of the twentieth century were against the industry and ingenuity of Germany and the second World War was primarily designed to crush Germany and its civilian population once and for all. This isn't a conspiracy. It's a fact.

The crippling terms of the Versailles treaty was always going to make another war in Europe inevitable. It was tantamount to a war crime.

If anyone brings up the hoary old line of "the Germans started it, they invaded Poland" then here is one of my replies on the matter from a historical revisionist forum where people actually know what they're talking about in regard to WWII. The bit in italics is a quote from someone who understands the realities behind WWII much better than me;

"In regard to Germany invading Poland, I've always thought the autonomous city state of Danzig was the crux of the matter. Here's an answer I found to the question of why Hitler decided to attack Poland. It's worth reproducing in full and It satisfies me completely that Germany was antagonized into invading Poland and was then drawn into a war which Hitler never wanted with Great Britain. Great Britain as usual, was the aggressor and the intention was to smash a resurgent Germany, enjoying an economic miracle, once and for all."

'What Hitler wanted was the German city of Danzig, essentially foregoing claims on the German regions of Silesia and Prussia. To underline how magnanimous this offer was, we should remember that these were popular demands in Germany, and if a politician less popular than Hitler was to concede these regions it would surely spell political suicide.

Initially Poland were willing to negotiate on these terms. They would retain their economic interests in the city and enter a military alliance with Germany.

That is until the Brits backed by Roosevelt offered them a, seemingly, better deal. This deal entailed antagonizing Germany to war, giving the West cassus belli to use force against her, and once defeated Poland would gain hegemony in that part of Europe. All they had to do was hold off the German attack until France and Britain could attack the rear.

But first they had to trigger a war. This they did by provocation. All German attempts at diplomacy were briskly refused and the Polish press began a severe anti German campaign in the country, inciting the populace to violence against the German minority. Incursions were made on the border, and finally full mobilization was ordered (an act of war in international law).

Hitler then did the only thing he could to defend German honor, use force.'

Hitler never wanted a war with GB, he rightly construed the Soviet Union as the foremost threat to Germany. Even Churchill was quoted as saying after WWII, "we killed the wrong pig".
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