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I have been taking some heat as a war monger in one of the forums I visit. It seems that people have forgotten what war really is. War is bad War is super bad, the kind of bad that you don't ever want to see. So if you or your country declares war on another, you should consider the following.

The people fighting you want your death. They do not care about your family, your ideals or your perception of how a war should be fought. War means you use everything you have any way you can to win. You should obliterate your opponent and remove from them the ability to fight you in the future.

"Rules of Engagement" are for losers, the only rule is you win. Recently there was a suicide bomb that went off in the Afghanistan international airport. These "soldiers" killed 60 of their own citizens and 12 US soldiers. So that is the measure of their resolve. How can you or anyone expect to win a war when the enemy is hiding among the woman and willing to die to inflict even just these casualties.

When you go to war, you use what you have and you conquer the enemy. You kill every person over 12 if you have to but you make sure that no one from that country will ever lift a hand against you.

War sucks. War sucks for the people who live on the land, war sucks for the soldiers sent to fight and war sucks for the people who survive it. War just sucks. So when you do declare war, or they declare it on you, you take no half measures. If the USA had been allowed to simply obliterate the enemy, they could have brought in schools, food and meds for the non combatants, they would have won the survivors over and freed the country. Instead the USA has imported thousands of enemy fighters and really has no idea where they are.

This is another war the USA has lost, but could have won. What they need to do is to go back. But they need to go back without the press, without the journalists whining to the public about the horrors of war and kill every motherfucker with a beard. It doesn't matter if they get the peaceful idiot, that guy should leave before the fighting starts. Once it's over, send in the aid. Send in the doctors send in the teachers and the army corp of engineers. Rebuild the country, give it strength, morals and a future. Help each citizen grow and establish themselves, help each family that is left to thrive.

The old enemy is dead, the new colony has your values, your drive and your future. This is how you win a war.

Sadly, this isn't what happened. The fighters are there, subjugating and raping the women and children. there will be no schools, no meds, no future. Sure the bleeding hearts will say that the Afghans deserve to create their own future, but they wont. They will kill who they like, rape who they want and bring up future generations to hate the Americans. This is the way Liberals lose a war... they lose today, tomorrow and the people of Afghanistan lose their future.
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